Kings crown casino chip

Kings crown casino chip beauty and the beast at montecasino

I found some information that might be interesting to anyone who has the Kings Crown Hotstamped chips or any of the other Kings Crown chips that are in existence. Owner Sharkey Begovich bought a big quantity and dug out the inlayed centers and these stickers to make his chips.

I took a razor and peeled the labels off. I thought I would just remove the labels and I would have nice chips kings crown casino chip add to my Kings Crown collection. Apparently this is why a lot of the chips that you see on e-bay from the original Kings Crown appear to have seen quite a bit of play. I dare say the stickered over Sharkey's could be of greater value than the Kings Crown, but it needs to be checked. The values quoted below are NOT valid!

I would like to know the real history behind the Kings Crown in Vegas. As many of you know I was the organizer of a GB of hotstamp chips  My tournament Set [TRK KING CROWN]. Kings Crown Gram Clay Composite Poker Chips There are quite a few manufacturers of these chips - and varying qualities as well. We Carry Only the. Find great deals on eBay for kings crown casino chip. Shop with confidence.

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